Sunday, December 24, 2006

Baltimore Ravens beat Pittsburgh Steelers, 31-7

Now just to be clear, as a Browns fan I really don't want either of these teams to win. They are both our arch rivals. The Ravens because the previous owner (whose name I don't even mention, it is not worth it) took his players to Baltimore to start a new team (no, they are not the Browns, check the record books, Bernie and Brian are in no way affiliated with that team or their records), and the Steelers because, well, they are the Steelers.

I generally dislike these teams equally. But since the Steelers won the Super Bowl last year it gives them an edge on who I would like to see lose. I enjoy the fact that the Ravens beat the Steelers both times this year, but the fact that this second loss will keep the Steelers out of the playoffs makes it even sweeter.

I would also like to point out that I still believe that Ben Rothelsberger has not recovered and may never fully recover from his motor cycle injuries. I would NEVER wish any player (or person for that matter) harm on any player on or off the field, but I hope this serves as a lesson to guard against arrogance among players and abide by the terms of their contract for the good of the team.

At any rate, all Browns fans can count this as an early Christmas present if they so chose. Merry Christmas!


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