Thursday, December 21, 2006

Christmas details often overlooked

So, obviously I have been blogging quite a bit today. Since I have been off I needed to have something to fill my time. And I have had a number of ideas and things I have wanted to share. So the work has not been for nothing. I thought I would pass along the notes from our Bible study last night on some of the details of the nativity story and why they are so important. We went over a number of implications for both Mary and Joseph's families that I had not even thought of. If some of the notes don't seem to make sense or you want to know more than what is covered here let me know and I will provide you with whatever you need. I also encourage you to check out the various scripture references as they are quite thought provoking. Enjoy, and Merry Christmas!

Christmas 12/19/06

Why Mary? Lk 3.21-8 her Dad ln house of David.

Arranged mar. Lk 1.21, also 13-15

people of day saw her as least likely to bear Messiah

Could have been stoned or shunned into prost.

When ded. Jesus, gave poorest sacrifice (2 birds)

Why Joseph?

Strong valued, blue collar

When found out pregnant, tried to do right thing, knew her character

Joe had to acept that Jesus is God's child.

*Joseph gave legal right to be king, Mary gave blood right.*

Jer 22.23-end

Joseph man of social position (carpenter) belief (celebrated passover)

Mk 6.3-siblings

Why stable? 2Cor 8.9-became lowly poor

Why Manger? Peter asked 3x to feed sheep, born Manger which is feeder of sheep.

Star? Birth announcement

Shephard-He is Shephard, sheep big sacrifice, He is lamb of God.

Wisemen-wealthy, diff lands,prob. caravans. Wisemen found after about 2 when found.

Gold gift for king, prob. Used to flee. Frankinsense used to make perfume for temple as sacrifice, myrh used for annointing dead.

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