Friday, June 29, 2007

Left Lane Drivers of America

I saw a news story about this site, and just had to check it out for myself: Left Lane Drivers of America is a group that is advocating using the left lane of the highway only as a passing and high speed lane, and asks those who are going slower than the traffic behind them to move over to the right so that the cars moving faster than them can safely pass. I believe this is actually the law here in Ohio, but in a lot of places people tend to just get into this lane and hold up traffic by going whatever speed they want and forcing faster drivers to pass them on the right or stay behind them and block traffic.

In order to combat this problem, Left Lane Drivers have created this car windshield decal:

As you can see, the decal is not unlike the kind on the windshield of an ambulance, with the word written backwards so that when a person looks in their rear view mirror the word appears in the right direction. I sent this to my Dad, and anyone that knows him knows that he would appreciate this. Let me know what you think.

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