Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day, 2007

I know Father's Day, just like Mother's Day, was invented by the card companies to sell cards and candy. but even something that was invented in the natural, secular world can be used for the Glory of God.

For starters, when I came home on Friday we had a nice time as a family with dinner and relaxation. Nothing fancy, but nobody (especially me) got angry or gave anybody any problems. After dinner Jamie and Berta went out to do a little shopping, while I sat on the porch with a drink and relaxed and called a friend. Peaceful, nice.

Saturday was about as mellow as you could get. The kids left Jamie and I alone to sleep in, watching cartoons and a movie. We finally got up and ate, then relaxed around the house. I even took a nap on the couch while Jamie was nursing the baby.

About 3:30 PM we got up and got dressed to go to church for a barbecue and movie night. There weren't a lot of people there, but the ones that were had a nice time of fellowship, good food, and a very cute movie (Night at the Museum). We had a great time with hamburgers, hot dogs, popcorn and pop. It was a beautiful and relaxing night, just fun, and really nothing else.

Sunday was the perfect ending to this great weekend. We got up early so we could go to church for Doughnuts with Dad, which were Krispy Kremes!

We then went into church for a great time of praise and worship of the Lord, the Most Hight God. This is one of my favorite times of the week, as I get the privelage of gathering together with my brothers and sisters in Christ to lift up our praises and thanksgiving to He who paid the ultimate ransom for my soul! Pastor Ron then delivered a great teaching on being a Dad after the heart of God, quoting the many scriptures that teach this. I won't go into them here but I have them available if anyone is interested.

After church we went to the store and left the kids in the drop off center so Jamie and I could shop in peace. We shopped and had a nice talk, and I got to spend some time holding the baby and doting over her, then stopped for a snack before we picked up the kids and came home.

Once home we put the groceries away and watched the new Pink Panther, which was alright (I'm just glad I got it on Netflix rather than paying for it).

Now Jamie is making stuffed shells and bread, which should be a fabulous Dad's Day dinner with the family. It's times like these when you let the rest of the world fall away, and just concentrate on the serving of God and fellowship with your friends and family that you find out just how truly blessed you are. Praise God for this wonderful weekend and time with those I truly love.

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