Thursday, July 05, 2007

Hot Fuel

 I just found this article about gasoline, and how it expands in warm weather, which means you get less of it when you pump on a hot day. The story is not very happy, for this chemical process costs all of us precious dollars out of our budget. But my feeling of frustration is tinged with giggles when I read the Petroleum Industry marketing executives comment about consumers gaining fuel in the winter:

"It's our view, generally speaking, that most Americans are made whole
in the course of a year," Gilligan says. "They lose BTUs in the summer,
but gain them back in the winter."

Come on pal, don't build me a snowman and tell me I'm in Hawaii, it's not going to fly. If you don't want to install the fuel coolers just tell us (which they did). But don't try to tell me we get that energy back. Think about it.

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