Saturday, March 18, 2006

Girl Scouts and Reading

You should all know by now that Wayde reads really well, but this is still really impressive. This morning at Girl Scouts we were getting ready for the World Friendship Day which is tommorrow. One of the girls had trouble reading her part (it had a lot of big words and was really too difficult for a Brownie). The leader let several other girls older than Wayde try to read it but they had just as much trouble. When I suggested that she have Wayde give it a try the leader said: "but these words are bigger than she is!" referring to the fact that Wayde is one of the younger Brownies. When Wayde gave it a try, there was only ONE word she couldn't sound out! So she gets to do the hardest part tommorow!

Incidently, since Chayce is not reading yet, she gets to carry in the flag tommorow! What an honor for our family!

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