Saturday, March 04, 2006

Kindergarten Graduation-little guys

Ofcourse Chayce and Sully got to go to Wayde's Kindergarten Graduation and had a great time waitting for it to start on the playground (The playground is right outside the kindergarten rooms so we could hang out there while we were waitting for the classroom stuff to finish up and so we didn't have to take them in to early). These are adorable pictures of the two of them playing together, but I especially like the picture of Sully playing by himself. He's got this great smile on his face as he realises with satisfaction that he can climb up on the structure and that he is being photograhed at the same time. The picture of Chayce holding Sully's hand so he won't be scared (as if) and the one of her waving are really good likenesses of her and who she is. We had a really good time that day as we played, watched Wayde and her friends get their awards, and then went to McDonald's for lunch. This was a really special day.

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