Saturday, March 18, 2006

Such Good Kids

Today after Girl Scouts I met Jamie and Sully in Ohio City for some shopping and a nice lunch. We decided to go to Great Lakes Brewing Company, a very nice brewery restaurant. It was the typical meals, talking, kids coloring on place mats etc. At the end of the meal when we stood up to leave, a gentlemen at the next table got up and came over to me and said: "I just wanted to let you know that your children are really well behaved." I thanked him and told him that it takes time but the beatings really work (). After we left and I was still basking in the proud glow, Jamie reminded me that she has heard this several times before. In fact, when she has traveled on trains or busses, when kids are often at their worst due to the strange situations, people have said things like: "wow, we didn't even know that any kids were on this bus/in this train car." I just wanted to let everybody know just how great are kids are and how lucky we are to have them. Have a great weekend!

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