Sunday, April 30, 2006

Sully's drawings

Yesterday, the kids were all playing with sidewalk chalk. Sully
brought Jamie over to his drawing & said "look, I drew my penis!" But
then he decided itwas a crayon & changed it.

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Friday, April 28, 2006

Just a few more Christmas Pics

Here are some final Christmas pics for right now:
This is the three of them (and me) watching one of the three new DVD's they got (Madagascar, I think).
This ofcourse is yet another picture of them playing with their kitchen set,

And this is Wayde showing off two of her favorite presents. In her right hand is her Mega Man (see previous post) and in her left is Bloom, one of the Winx Club girls, which is another cartoon they love to watch. Enjoy!

More Christmas Pics

Here are some more Christmas Pics:
Here are some pics of all three kids playing with the "new" kitchen set we got them. They really get a kick out of putting stuff in the various compartments and pretending to cook or even using it for other things. It's really cute to watch them all playing together (that is, when they aren't arguing).

This pictures shows the kids showing off one of their favorite types of toys: Mega Man. Mega Man is a Saturday cartoon based on a series of video games about a "digital warrior" you can be "upgraded" with new weapons and armor for battling other mega man in the digital world. The kids like them because they are very colorful and they can interchange parts to suit their imaginations at that moment. They also have a couple of friends that like Mega Man that they play with altogether.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Wayde's 3/4 Awards

This morning the family attended Wayde's 3/4 Awards ceremony @
school. She not only received her Citizenship Award for behavior, but
for the first time she also received Principal's Honor Roll for
straignt A's! We are so proud of her! Afterwords we signed her out &
took the whole family out to lunch. What a special morning!

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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Christmas '05 Pics

Hey, here are some pics of the kids that Will took at Christmas last year. Thanks Will, for getting us a CD so I caould more easily get them up! The first couple are just poses at their little table and in front of our tree in the clothes they chose to dress themselves in.

These two are Sully holding up the Batman toy got for Christmas. As you can see, he is pretty psyched.

This is a picture of all 3 kids holding up the DVD they got. Sully got "Dennis the Menace," Chayce got "Wallace and Grommit," and Wayde got "Madagascar." Man they love watching those DVD's!

Monday, April 24, 2006

The "A" Word

This morning, Sully picked up on something Jamie said and exclaimed:
"that's an "A" word!" Jamie said "very good, can you say another "A"
word?" Well, Sully must have thought she meant "the" A word, as he
looked up at her, in a very sweet voice and said: "ass?"

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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Sully's Zipper

Here's another message from Jamie, this time about Sully:
LOL this is the best! Sully named his zipper "Jack" (we were watching 24 and the main character is Jack). I was getting him ready for bed and since he goes commando under his jammies I was worried about his penis getting zipped. I told him to keep his penis safe and he replied "We got to keep Jack away from dose weiners"ROFLJ

That's my boy!

Miss Chayce and Cereal

Here's a little post from Jamie about Chayce and Cereal:

LOLWell miss Chayce is thoroughly convincing me that we NEED Life cereal TODAY lol
Mom: I thought you liked Kix.
Chayce: I only eat Kix because we don't have Life
Mom: Well just eat Kix
Chayce: I'll only be happy if you give me Life.

Didn't I already do that? I seem to remember some pushing...

His Highness, Russell, IV

Here is a little conversation between Jamie and Sully today. Who's in charge?

"I'm counting on you!" (he wants me to get the jelly)and when I didn't get up he said"I'm warning you!"He's a bit of a tyrant...

Monday, April 10, 2006

New Sully Pics!

Hey folks, sorry it has been so long since I have posted here, I have been waitting for pics from Jamie and have been very busy. This weekend we took the kids to an Easter Egg hunt in North Olmstead like we did last year. It was fun, but it was pretty cold and blustery. Besides getting lots of candy, the kids got to play games and win tickets for prizes. Sully won a pink Care Bear which he proceded to give to Chayce because it was pink. Lucky Miss Wayde won a portable CD player! She loves being able to pick out her own music and listen to it as she wants. Jamie got a headphone jack splitter so two kids could listen at once, and Will is bringing over adapters so they can listen to it on the stereo in their room! We also went to church with our best friends the Webers and went to a wonderful Easter concert.

In closing, here are 2 new pics of Sully which show off his new "doo," as well as his cuteness. BTW, he is not actually upset in the one picture, he is totally faking for the camera! Enjoy!