Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Pics 2006, part 2

Here is a few of the favorite things they got so far. The girls love the toys from the show The Winx Club, which is about teenage fairies. Each girl got a "sky dancer," which has lights and flies up in the air.

The boy got a Superman toy that includes a strap on breastplate, a cape, and a chain that he can rip apart. Pretty cool!

Christmas 2006 Pics

Here are some pictures from this morning's present opennings. Don't they look happy?Each one of them got a zip cord racer from the movie "Cars." They are fun to pull the cord and watch go across the floor or carpet. Sully got Mater, which drives backwards!

They also got outfits from their Mammy in NH. The girls were especially happy as they love clothes!

That's all the pictures I can put in one post, so I'll have to put up more in other posts.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Baltimore Ravens beat Pittsburgh Steelers, 31-7

Now just to be clear, as a Browns fan I really don't want either of these teams to win. They are both our arch rivals. The Ravens because the previous owner (whose name I don't even mention, it is not worth it) took his players to Baltimore to start a new team (no, they are not the Browns, check the record books, Bernie and Brian are in no way affiliated with that team or their records), and the Steelers because, well, they are the Steelers.

I generally dislike these teams equally. But since the Steelers won the Super Bowl last year it gives them an edge on who I would like to see lose. I enjoy the fact that the Ravens beat the Steelers both times this year, but the fact that this second loss will keep the Steelers out of the playoffs makes it even sweeter.

I would also like to point out that I still believe that Ben Rothelsberger has not recovered and may never fully recover from his motor cycle injuries. I would NEVER wish any player (or person for that matter) harm on any player on or off the field, but I hope this serves as a lesson to guard against arrogance among players and abide by the terms of their contract for the good of the team.

At any rate, all Browns fans can count this as an early Christmas present if they so chose. Merry Christmas!


Prayer Request for Gabriel

Well somebody prayed! Gabriel has been released and on his way to Jamie's parent's house. Just another glorious example of how good He is!

Prayer Request for Gabriel

Merry Christmas everyone! Jamie just got off the phone with her older Sister from NYC. They had stopped in Boston for the night on their way to her parents and found that her baby Gabriel was wheezing. They took him to the hospital and he was admitted for Pneumonia. This is the second time he has had it. If they can get him released tonight, they can go on to NH and the rest of the family. If not, her parents will come down to Boston tomorrow. If everyone who checks their email tonight can pray for God's hand to touch this little boy and heal him so they can celebrate Christmas together at the family home, I would appreciate it. Thanks!

Friday, December 22, 2006

Digital Photo tips for Christmas

Here's a great tutorial for taking pics over the holidays. It's part of a Blog I just found on learning digital photography in general which a lot of people might find very helpful, as the digital photo trend has really taken off.

» 16 Tips Digital Photography Tips for Christmas

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Thursday, December 21, 2006

YouTube helps Police

Some people wonder if the internet is a positive, useful tool, good for things other than downloading porn or trolling for victims by pedophiles. I think this proves that it is.

YouTube helps police find murder suspect - Yahoo! News

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Cleveland Lodge Party Pics

Here are some great pictures of the kids at the Lodge Christmas party. We had about 100 people, 1/3 of which were kids and grandkids. After some good food we had a magician and a visit from Santa and Mrs. Clause. He talked to each child and then gave them a very nice present, along with a goody bag with candy, coloring books and other little toys. Apparently we may have missed getting pictures of Wayde with Santa, or maybe they are still on the camera. Merry Christmas!

Google's Hidden Features

I found this article about some of the amazing things Google can do, most of which we already use other web sites for like package tracking or flight info. I could not get the phone number features to work, but the rest is really cool.

Exploring Google's Hidden Features > Google Is a Calculator

Christmas details often overlooked

So, obviously I have been blogging quite a bit today. Since I have been off I needed to have something to fill my time. And I have had a number of ideas and things I have wanted to share. So the work has not been for nothing. I thought I would pass along the notes from our Bible study last night on some of the details of the nativity story and why they are so important. We went over a number of implications for both Mary and Joseph's families that I had not even thought of. If some of the notes don't seem to make sense or you want to know more than what is covered here let me know and I will provide you with whatever you need. I also encourage you to check out the various scripture references as they are quite thought provoking. Enjoy, and Merry Christmas!

Christmas 12/19/06

Why Mary? Lk 3.21-8 her Dad ln house of David.

Arranged mar. Lk 1.21, also 13-15

people of day saw her as least likely to bear Messiah

Could have been stoned or shunned into prost.

When ded. Jesus, gave poorest sacrifice (2 birds)

Why Joseph?

Strong valued, blue collar

When found out pregnant, tried to do right thing, knew her character

Joe had to acept that Jesus is God's child.

*Joseph gave legal right to be king, Mary gave blood right.*

Jer 22.23-end

Joseph man of social position (carpenter) belief (celebrated passover)

Mk 6.3-siblings

Why stable? 2Cor 8.9-became lowly poor

Why Manger? Peter asked 3x to feed sheep, born Manger which is feeder of sheep.

Star? Birth announcement

Shephard-He is Shephard, sheep big sacrifice, He is lamb of God.

Wisemen-wealthy, diff lands,prob. caravans. Wisemen found after about 2 when found.

Gold gift for king, prob. Used to flee. Frankinsense used to make perfume for temple as sacrifice, myrh used for annointing dead.

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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

PS3 vs. Wii

Check out this hysterical video about the Playsation 3 vs. the Wii and remember, the Wii is currently out selling the PS3 4 to 1!

Baby on board?

Oh man! I just hate it when I leave my baby in my checked luggage, rather than taking it out to be inspected!

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Eau Du Play Doh?

Hey last minute shoppers! Want to know what to get that pedophile on your list? Check out the new Play Doh fragrance! That's right. For a limited time Hasbro is selling a 50th play doh birthday cologne that smells just like the famous toy concoction. Now you can smell just like kids and make them think you have them at home. When all you really have is a video camera and GHB!

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John Lennon was not a Leftist Subversive

Wow, so John Lennon wasn't a subversive Leftist after all. I can finally sleep at night. Woo hoo. I understand holding documents for long periods in some cases like Watergate, where protected sources had to be, well, protected. But holding the docs on a dead singer for 25 years? Just because he had an opinion? No wait! It's because it was an ANTI-WAR opinion! That bastard! (I hope everyone can detect the sarcasm in this article. If you can't, here's a clue, which you probably also won't get).


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Mormons wanted to baptize Simon Wiesenthal

I try to be tolerant of other groups and respect their opinions, but that doesn't mean I have to agree with them or like them. That being said, this article points to one of the reasons why I believe that The Church of Latter Day Saints is not true Christianity. Baptizing a Jewish person so they can get into heaven? Folks, what were you thinking?


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Pictures of Gracie Lou

Here are some pics of the newest addition to our family, Gracie Lou! She is a very nice Whippet/Lab mix that we got from the APL. She almost never barks, loves to go for walks and can be quite playful and mischievous when she wants to be (especially after walks). Enjoy!

'Twas the Night Before Jesus

Here is a new version of the classic poem 'twas the night before Christmas told from the prospective of the Second Coming of Christ:

‘Twas The Night Jesus Returned

'Twas the

night Jesus came and all through the house,

not a person was praying, not

one in the house..

The Bible was left on the shelf without care,


no one thought Jesus would come there..

The children were dressing to

crawl into bed,

not once ever kneeling or bowing their head..


Mom in the rocking chair with babe on her lap,

was watching the Late Show as

I took a nap..

When out of the east there rose such a clatter,


sprang to my feet to see what was the matter..

Away to the window I flew

like a flash,

tore open the shutters and lifted the sash..

When what

to my wondering eyes should appear,

but Angels proclaiming that Jesus was


The light of His face made me cover my head...

was Jesus

returning ! just like He'd said..

And though I possessed worldly wisdom

and wealth,

I cried when I saw Him in spite of myself..

In the Book

of Life which he held in his hand,

was written the name of every saved man..

He spoke not a word as he searched for my name,

when He said "it's

not here" My head hung in shame..

The people whose names had been

written with love,

He gathered to take to his Father above..


those who were ready He rose without sound,

while all of the others were

left standing around...


I fell to my knees but it was too late,

I'd waited too long and thus

sealed my fate.

I stood and I cried as they rose out of sight,


if only I'd known that this was the night....

In the words of this poem

the meaning is clear

the coming of Jesus is now drawing near...

There's only one life and when comes the last call,

We'll find out

that the Bible was true after all...

B Basic

I Instruction



L Leaving

E Earth

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