Thursday, August 09, 2007

Jamie and her Vacation

Well, Jamie left out on her (mostly) annual pilgrimage to the motherland known as New England. She will be starting in Boston, where she will be staying with her friend Kim much of the weekend. Saturday is the big day, when she goes to her Grandfather's surprise 80th birthday party in Connecticut. She will be returning very early on Monday morning.

Of course, in true Jamie fashion she was up all night packing and shopping for food and supplies for her trip and for us at home (She took the two little ones, leaving the older girls with me). She actually left the house about 6:30, to catch a 7:00 AM train! She pulled in honking her horn and getting attention, as the train was already there! The station manager said she had seven minutes to get on the train, and helped her get her bags and kids on the train. She did manage to get one of the seats at the end of the car, where she can lay the baby down in the car seat and spread out her stuff. I'll keep y'all posted as to her arrivals and departures continue.

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